Modulorista was born out of the strive for balance and the desire to transform the home into a people-centric space, where different worlds meet and unite in harmony.

Modulorista is the different accessories and furniture retailer, where everything is hand-picked and has character. It introduces a selection of renowned designers for the first time in Bulgaria. All of the products on Modulorista’s shelves stand out not only with immaculate style, perfection of design but also with quality craftsmanship. They are a harmonious blend of shape, textures, materials and soul.

What is Modulorista?

Modulorista was inspired by the idea of the Modular system by the (Swiss born French) architect Le Corbusier. The Modulor system seeks balance and harmony in seemingly incompatible elements. Le Corbusier puts the man in the center of the measurable world and the spaces he builds are completely in harmony with the person.

 Modulorista takes this idea and elevates it into homes, which are people-centric and a reflection of their owners’ personalities in a non-intrusive way. The furniture in our catalogue aims to give a sense of freedom of self-expression and peace while at home.

Who is Modulorista?

The human element behind Modulorista is Borislava Atanasova. If you ask Borislava what harmony means to her, she will tell you that it is the unity of order and coziness. And a harmonious home is the one which is a mirror of the owners’ inner worlds and is furnished with attention to detail, precision and eye for beauty.

Modulorista is a long-lasting dream, finally brought to life. It is accumulated knowledge of interior design and experience. The final kick in opening Modulorista was the building and decoration of her own home. Borislava wanted to create a house which would be a reflection of all of the unique characters of her family, where everyone would feel at peace. One of the challenges Borislava faced was finding the unique furniture she envisioned for her home in Bulgaria. In a market, saturated with uniform products she was searching for outstanding design, character and quality.  These are also the key elements she has in mind while selecting the exquisite furniture for Modulorista’s catalogue.

Berkeley Breathed has said – “It’s never too late to have a happy childhood” and we would add that a happy childhood begins in a harmonious home.